advantages and disadvantages of foundation construction

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advantages and disadvantages of foundation construction

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, The main difference I can think of is cost. Masonry if constructed properly will cost more, because of the manual labor involved. With masonry one must prepare the subgrade and lay the block with mortar, one block at a time. With concrete one prepares the subgrade, lays the foundation rebar (a quick process) and pours the foundation all at once. The amount of the cost differential would depend on the type and size of structure (basement, slab-on-grade, etc.) and the depth of the foundation. The other difference would be settlement tolerance. A concrete footing will be continuously reinforced and so would the stem walls. Local differences in soil conditions that could result in differential settlements will be resisted by the reinforcement. Masonry is much more prone to cracking. As an aside I don't know why anybody would place a masonry foundation directly on a soil subgrade, even with normal soil compaction practices. Even if a foundation is on rock or hardpan I would think a grade beam or leveling course of concrete would be required.

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