Marilyn Monroe adult life

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What was Marilyn Monroe adult life please answers, as I am working on a project which focuses on different periods of her life? Just want to know about her adult life.

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  1. John


    Your questions are much generalized so I can only give generalized answers. Marilyns early adult Life was spent married to an ordinary guy, working in a factory and the start up of her modeling career. Right after she got a chance to sign up with a movie studio, she played little bit parts in unimportant films. After her divorce from her first husband Marilyn supported herself by modeling.

    Her movie career was touch and goes until she finally achieved mayor success in 1952. Thing gone wild, ad Marilyn became only more famous, married and divorced famous baseball player Joe DiMaggio, moved to New York, married playwright Arthur Miller, studied serious acting, made famous movies, got a divorce from Miller and moved back to Los Angeles where her life took a turn for the worse. The last couple of years of Marilyns life were spending in turmoil and decline and she sadly passed away prematurely in the only home she ever owned.

    Overall she did not spend a happy live and her success is just eyewash in the eyes of the world. She was all time alone and searching out the possible way to get some affection. She is gone now, but her tender memories are still in our minds and will remain in our thoughts.


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