How to start ballet as an adult?

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I am twenty five years old. I heard that ballet is very good for health. I had never been in ballet dancing. Should I start it now for good health?

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  1. Marie

     Ballet should start in a very young age to become accomplished but it is a dance in which all ages can take part and develop skills. There are many dance schools, Universities and gyms that offer ballet classes for adults. There are number of things which should keep in mind before starting ballet as an adult. Make sure that the exercises you are performing should not affect your health if you are a heart patient then you must consult to your doctor before doing any exercise. Your instructor should be trained and certified so that he could help you out in any health issue. As you are new in ballet dancing so start it slowly so that it could not harm you. Tune in the music while doing ballet exercises. Your clothing should be loose so that you could move yourself easily.

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