adjust gas flame on cooktop

by bill  |  8 years, 4 month(s) ago

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Jenn air LP gas cooktop and flame is too high. How do I adjust it so the flame can go lower?

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  1. Guest20388861
    Just did this on my not-the-same-brand cooktop (given a)the post's 7 months old so the poster doesn't need this info anymore but given b)readers still in need have already flipped the REGULATOR pin to convert to LP): 1)At base of each burner k**b is a valve box that connects the main incoming supply (manifold pipe) to the hollow open (pipe B) line that feeds the burner ring. Just before this pipe B is (usually brass) something called a HOOD o*****e with a hex nut s***w end on it & probably (if flame too high) some visible threads on the side leading back into the handle valve box<--w/ pliers/wrench, turn this hex (C-Clockwise usually) closer to the handle side, to shorten the gap which lowers the flame so that on HIGH the flame's an inch or less. 2)Just down pipe B (toward the burner ring) is the AIR SHUTTER, often a round piece that covers or opens the air windows cut out in the pipe <--twist this to cover more of window to rid flame of yellow tips.


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