activity that is similar to siesta in other country

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what are the different activity or custom that is similar to siesta

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    siesta is a spanish word that comes from the latin "sexta hora" meaning the six hour (after dawn) so a midday nap, usually after the meal.. the siesta probably began in spain and then spread to many latin american countries,. the heat of the midday well as a midday meal would both contribute to its popularity,,

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    Most of the mulism countries have activity similar to siesta i have listed what siesta is below. for muslims it was something that was done by the prophat so majority of the muslims take an afternoon nap for energy plus rewards. The post-lunch nap has not yet been adopted in Britain and is often considered a sign of weakness however the ‘Power Nap’ as it is commonly called, offers real benefits to health, productivity and wellbeing. Research shows that we have a strong biological tendency to become tired in the early afternoon. A short 10-20 minute nap in the middle of a working day can increase productivity by over 30% and alertness by 100% as well as improve memory and concentration, according to NASA. Recent research shows that we can also reduce stress and the risk of heart disease by 34%. Sleep deprivation has been shown to make weight loss more difficult as well as cause accidents at work and on the road. Even 5 minutes can be beneficial! However reasearch has also shown that there is an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes with those people who nap than those wo do not.

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