activities to make people particularly primary children and school workers aware of disaster

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pls tell some informations

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    me too have the same question


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    thank u sweetheart...!! :)

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     School authorities should organise various quizes ,mockdrills,dramas etc in which students can actively participate in such activities in order to make them aware of disaster mitigation.Students can also make skits regarding disaster mitigation in which they can demonstrate and explain about the disaster mitigation.These activities can improve the understanding capacity of the disaster mitigation as they visually see it.When students visually see about the disaster mitigation they can understand more perfectly than teaching them.The school can arrange special meetings for in order to discuss about this issue.Students and teachers can both interact together to come up with dance ,music and concert regarding the subject where students can enjoy watching and it is also the good means to communicate about disaster mitigation .Students can  also prepare posters,poems,mobiles and play dumb charades which urges them create awareness.School authorities can also show video clipings regarding it.

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    aare holidays kahatam ho jae answer to kar do question ko. 9 - E
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    r u in ahlcon public school mayur vihar
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    use disaster preparedness
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    teachers in school should teach children about disaster and the way by which they can overcome out of that.
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    the best way to make primary children awere would be by organising mock drills in school. also by explaining and demonstrating to them how they can respond to a disaster.
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    Once you have the staff there, you could use videos, skits to introduce topics. Be sure to have interactive time built in. Possibly you could present scenarios and have small groups brainstorm how to manage them. Finally, have school based groups brainstorm and put together a plan tailored to the special needs of their particular school. Have plans reviewed by experts and improved, then approved. Then work on implementation which may include training support staff and students as well as local agencies. Practice, practice, practice. Don't forget to build in later times , at least once annually, to review and evaluate plans. Our elementary school had plans for both evacuation and lock down, as well as dealing with out of control students. We also developed a lock in plan for those times when it was not safe to go outside, but classes continued as usual. We used this when there was an outside threat such as threatening person, escaped convict etc. Of course, there are also policies for bad weather, parent pickup etc. By the way, be sure to post procedures in each classroom and provide them for substitute teachers. One of the things the fire department had us do was provide a map of each school and to number each door on the OUTSIDE in big numbers. They numbered every door, not just the classroom doors. The windows are of reinforced tempered glass.

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