Any idea to start good acting career?

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I am now thirteen, and I would do anything to become an actress. There is nothing I love more than to act. However, I live in Oakville, Ontario. It seems impossible to become an actress here. I would move to L.A, and I think if I really nagged my parents. But I just want to know if I actually have to go all the way into the states, to fulfill my dream. I must tell you that I want to act in Disney channel productions. So if you could give me some advice on how I could start my career.

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  1. John
    Thanks for writing here. So you want to be an actress? There are some wonderful films and TV programs shot in Toronto. Before you jump on a plane and move to LA, you might want to explore what opportunities there are for you in Toronto. Assuming you had head shots and a resume then I would contact as many talent agencies in Toronto, as you can ask them for representation. I would also contact as many casting directors as I could by sending your head shot and resume to them and asking them for a general interview. The ones in Toronto, I mean. See if you can get anything going there before moving to the US. As far as Disney Channel is concerned, the only thing I can tell you is that they do all of their casting in LA. I've never worked for them or on their productions, so that's the best I can tell you. Hope this helps.

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