Criteria for acting/modeling.

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Hey there, I want to become a model or actor but i do not really know the criteria for this profession. I am looking for some experts opinion on this. Do you know the requirements for this? Someone please share this information with me. I am desperately looking for help in this regard.

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    For modeling, one needs to be photogenic. While different types of models have different requirements such as height, size, age or looks, they all need to look good on camera/film. One exception might be promotional/tradeshow models, although they are sometimes filmed during promotions or shows as well--so being photogenic is still a good idea.

    Acting on the other hand is much more involved. There is considerably more talent involved, and acting/auditioning techniques can be learned through classes or coaching.

    Either a model or an actor will usually work through an agent, and both use photographs to promote themselves; a model might use a portfolio containing samples from shoots they have done, or a modeling composite card (usually containing between 3-7 images on one card. An actor uses a single 8x10 'headshot' to promote themselves, with their resume on the back. Models (unless they are promotional models) do not use resumes. So, the simple answer to your question is it takes be photogenic, have images, an agent, and some idea of what is involved/expected of you.

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