Can we choose acting as career?

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I am a 36 yr old male who has been a part-time actor for years with gigs far and few between. (I have a day job) How can  make acting a full time profession without moving to L.A? I live in Tampa, FL and plan on moving to Miami. I love acting but I have very bad allergies and the pollution in Los Angeles hurts my lungs. I dread moving back to LA since I was out there for a while and suffered too much with allergies so I left. It kind of hurts my dreams. any suggestions?

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    The reason I suggested theater is that if you love acting enough, and are not opposed to traveling, many actors work the regional theater circuit traveling from theater to theater across America. For example, you could work for the Asolo State Theater in Florida, then travel to the Play-makers Theater in North Carolina, then on to the Actors Theater of Louisville in Kentucky, and so on. You can make a living doing this, build a good resume, and gain a tremendous amount of respect for your craft. It may lead to film and television work.


    There's a great organization to join called TCG, Theater Communications Group, out of NYC. They are a non-profit educational resource for non-profit theaters and regional theaters in the US and Canada. They also have job listings each month. You can find them at Check it out, it may be of some help to you.


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