I need a recommendation for acting and singing career

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Well I was thinking that maybe in your past job (in Disney) you have an old friend and maybe you could tell him about me, and maybe he could help me. But do you know any experts here who are still working there??

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I beg you to help me I am a 12 year old girl desperately looking for a chance want to be part of Disney channel and badly. I love acting and I have a great voice for singing my dream is to become part of the cheetah girls and sing and act I have been crazy looking for opportunities! I would love to act in any show on Disney channel and then maybe I can be part of the cheetah girls but I need your help please I am dying for just 1 chance! Please help me!



Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, you have not asked a question. What help do you need? I am not a casting director and I do not work for Disney anymore. I left the company 6 years ago.

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  1. John


    Let me clear you that I make it a rule never to recommend any actors or actresses whose work I have not seen. I do not know anything about your talent, your look, whether you can act, or whether you can take direction. I am sorry, but I cannot make a recommendation for you. I hope you can understand.

    Good luck!


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