Living near Barry Manilow in Palm Springs

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Me and my daughter own a Auto repair Station in Palm Springs and only hope that one day Barry Manilow comes up for service and get to meet him before I die .We are forever fans and in love with the man, his music and the feelings he share when he is singing. When he sings, I get so emotional that I have to prepare myself, because I have a heart condition. I love Barry since the 70s and so does my daughter, since she was 12, when I took her to one of his concert and she could not believe if it was real.

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  1. Harry

    That is so cool you live in Palm Springs and you own auto repair station there. Besides, it is wonderful that your daughter enjoys Barry's music too. As for meeting Barry someday, you never know when Barry might show up at your station or you might see him at a restaurant or a store in the Palm Springs area just by chance. If you do happen to see Barry out and about in the Palm Springs area, it is suggested that you not run up to him or make him feel uncomfortable. In most cases, it is best to let Barry approach you and say the first word then you can respond to him. That way Barry feels more comfortable, and you have a chance to think about what you are going to say. It may seem to be difficult but you will be undoubtedly excited. Try to be as calm as possible by just being polite and friendly. Considering your heart condition this will probably be better for you, too. It is a very emotional experience indeed, yet it is recommended that you do not take a photo of him without requesting a photo first. So if you just give him a little courtesy it will make a much better impression on him than just putting a pen and paper in front of him or a camera.

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