How can I become a fitness model.

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I really want to be a fitness model and I never modeled before. I've been working out for a while getting my body looking like a bodybuilders. I live in florida and I just don't know who to contact to send photos to get in the magazines. So if you could give me any info on how to get started in becoming a fitness model I would appreciate it.

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  1. Guest27882060

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  2. Tom Reeds

    For modeling it is necessary that you should be fit model, by fit model it means that you should properly fit in the clothing that are offered to you. It requires a few hours of work to become a fit model. There is a specification available for models of different types and looks , you can check it from the website such as located in the New York city and also there are many specifications like height, weight, and other measurements which are required for different projects.
    As for the fitness magazines, you can submit to them once you get some good photos showing your physique. Take a look at the back of the magazines. Many fitness ones have opportunities to submit photos for different things like success stories, work-out guides, etc.

    The fitness mags usually prefer people who have done competitions and are active in the fitness industry. So if you want to go for that angle, then start building your resume.

    If you can't find anything in the mags, go to their website and search for submission guidelines. You can usually find guidelines for writers, photographers and potential models. If all else fails, just send the editor an e-mail and ask them how to submit.

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