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What can you tell me about Marilyn Monroe lifetime? Or could you tell me where I can find it on the internet


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  1. John


    Marilyn Monroes lifetime? Well, what do you want to know? The subject is huge. There are different aspects of her life. Sad and happy, and nobody can cover all aspects and incidents in just one answer. It seems you have to be very focused about what you are asking. Why do not you make it easier and go for a specific time period. Way too big to get into in one answering session, for sure. The same goes for the internet. There are lots of websites out there but if you are looking for more detailed Information I recommend reading biographies. I like Barbara Leamings book Marilyn Monroe in particular.

    So keep it simple and make it easy. You have to be very particular about certain time period of her life. Only then I can help you and give you some sort of information. I hope you can understand it well. I will appreciate if you give me some hint, about a certain time or year. Similarly you have to be very clear about the topic as well. You did not mention what you are looking for. Overall her life was a combination of success and failure. And it ends with a very sad note, when she commits a suicide and ends it. next time you should come up with some certain topic.


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