How a film director works?

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I am sorry if I confused u. I just want to know and see how the director directs a film. I am very ambitious about knowing the prerequisites of this job as well.

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  1. John

    Hi Prateek

    I understand what are you feeling right now. Good to know about your ambition. It is quite simple and you can easily understand the work flow of directing a film, and how a director performs his duties while directing a film or any project related to direction.
    But keep in mind that there are occasionally short documentaries on the making of certain movies and stage shows that will give you a glimpse of the directing process. These short documentaries are the perfect way to understand the workflow of a director and overall directions process. Most of the time, if they are available, they are on the expanded, special edition DVDs that have extra footage, directors comments, making of, and such.

    However, most of the time the actual making of the film is not what they want you to see. They want you to see the finished product. Plus the actual filming of a movie (unlike, for instance, rehearsals for a stage play) is a long, tedious process that consists of brief moments of intense action (the filming) and a lot of time waiting while the lighting, etc. is planned and set. So it is difficult to film in a way that will actually show you the director in action, but still you can learn a lot from short documentaries.

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