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I am wondering if you can recall the name of a movie (I am pretty sure it was a Black and White one) in which a sub-plot is that some friends keep ordering oysters and talk about finding a pearl, and eventually one of the actresses does find a pearl. Sorry that is not much to go on, but if you can remember, I would love to know. Tell me if you have any information, I will be happy to know.


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  1. John


    Sorry, the only film I remember with a pearl as the main theme was The Black Pearl starring Pedro Armandariz.

    It was about a Mexican peasant who found a black pearl in an oyster, and the village con man trying to get control of the pearl, because of it is worth. The mans baby was bitten by a scorpion, and was dieing if he could not get help, and the con man, a doctor made the man give him the pearl in exchange for medicine to save his babys life.

    There may have been a sub-plot at the beginning about people looking for pearls, and telling this story. I do not remember and these were the only detail which I can provide you. I can sort it out if I get some more clues.

    Can you remember the names of any of the actors or actresses in the movie? Without more information, I cannot help. I hope you can understand.

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