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I never watched Circus Boy, so I have no idea who played the clown. Can you tell me his name or some more roles he played? That plot sounds vaguely familiar to me. I do not think it had major actors though. If you can give me the name of one or more players, I have a basis to search. I do not have a source to search television programs.

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  1. John

    Well, I hate to admit defeat but, I give up. I searched everything I could think of, and as a last desperate measure, I put Noah Beery Jr in the search engine. Figured I would get a found no listings, but a ton of them came up.

    I found one site that lists his movies, but cannot find what the plots are, or what year they were made. Most of them are either obviously Westerns or a movie I am familiar with, except a couple. One is Penrod the other is A Little Bit of Heaven. It did not say what year they were made.

    Some of the movies are obviously his fathers films, as they were made before he was born. Oh the site I got when I put just Noah Beery in I got the list of movies and the year. I found a few of the Western titles on another site, with the years.

    I found one site you can find info on, if you have the names of two of the players. Then you get a list of the movies they were in together. Just put Noah Beery Jr in your search engine and you should get up those same sites. There is a lot more sites I could search, but I have just worn myself down to a frazzel.

    I will probably take up the search another day, because I do so hate giving up. If I ever do find anything, I will come back and tell you.

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