What are ZR and R tyres?

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What are the specifications of tires, how they are classified, are there tyres designed according to speed. What is the difference between P255ZR17 and a P255R17 tire? What do these numbers mean?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Tyres are important part and play a significant role in a cars performance. They are designed by keeping in mind various things. There are tyres which are called high performance tyres, they are designed according to specific performance. One classification of tyre is done through its size . For examples normally tyres are rated as P210/55R18. For example in the above mentioned specification we can guess the size of tyre according to its class, which is 210 means the width of tyre, it refers to the area of the tyre which touches the ground, on the other hand 55 means the area of the tyre which is along with the rim and it tells us about the rubber on the width of rim. On the other hand 18 means the rim size. Which tells us that how wide is the rim size of the tyre. 18 size refers to the inches of the tyre. Some rims are of width 16 inches, while some are of 18 and 19 inches.
    There is other classification which is made according to the speed of the vehicle, which means that you can achieve the speed according to the given limit. Like ZR are normally rated as high speed tyres, which means they are specified and suitable at the speed in excess of 160 mph which is equal to almost 270 km/h. Similarly the speed specification for R type tyres is upto 170 km/h or 106 mph.

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