Guidance for a young talent in Modeling.

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I am an AllExpert volunteer in the Medical category, and my question is as follows: My Granddaughter (10) is a fascinating individual with a great deal of persona. (Not because she is family)! Her father is a very talented photographer, and Bryana (the child) has posed for photographs since she was born. Her dad made a CD with some shots of her which I would like to expose to a professional and get an honest opinion of how to pursue a career for this young lady. I do not consider her a raging beauty, but she has a congenial appearance, fantastic awareness of detail and expression. Her ability to precisely mimic an individual's body mechanics, verbal communication, and vocalization, is remarkable. What path should I take in seeking an HONEST reconnoiter. I want to avoid scams, and profiteers.

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    I suggest using the Screen Actors Guild website to locate agencies closest to you who represent actors as well as models. Go to, and look under Sag Basics, Agency Information. You can then sort the list by location. Start with the SAG-franchised agencies first. They tend to be the most reputable, as they have to not only adhere to state/local laws, but union rules and regulations as well. Some of the listings are marked \"full service\", which means that they rep more than just actors--but you will need to contact each individually to inquire if they represent children of your granddaughter's age, and if they have a commercial print division in addition to acting. Also ask what they'd like to see from her--some places may only need to see a snapshot, some may want a headshot/resume and/or a modeling composite card. Since you already have a selection of photographs, you may just have to get copies made or visit a printer. None of the agencies on the SAG list should ask you for fees, sell you classes or photo packages, or direct you to a specific place/person who provides those services. They should only be taking a percentage (usually 10% for acting, 20% for modeling) off of work your granddaughter books through them. If someone wants to add her to a website or an agency talent book and is asking you for $$$, insisting it is necessary to get work, don't do it. There are plenty of good agencies out there where you will sign a contract, provide them with photos and start going out on auditions, go-sees or direct to work, without classes, portfolios, or website exposure. I wish you both the best of luck.


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