Your opinion of Halo Reach?

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Here I'll provide my honest opinion of Halo Reach, and I'd like to see yours too. If you disagree with mine, that's okay just provide some arguments. Please keep this tidy, I don't want any "U sir r not a pro gamer!1" or "U SUX @ Halo n00b!" comments.

TLDR: I'm never was a fan of Halo, but Halo Reach might just be the only good one to come of the series.

Really I was never a fan of the Halo series. In fact, it really irritated me. Mostly because of the community that surrounded the games, one of unbearable console fan boys, and people that had never played anything older than the first Halo. I was and still am one of those people with absurdly high standards for games, stuff like System Shock 2 and Deus Ex, and Thief 2 I idolized. I still think these are some of the greatest examples of what games can do. Halo Combat Evolved really wasn't all that big to me, I found Psychonauts far more enjoyable and creative. By Halo 3 reviewers were throwing perfect scores left and right and when I played it (believe me, had I not gotten a free copy out of a random local raffle-type-thing I never would've bought it) I didn't see what people were raving about! It wasn't bad by any means just average. To quote Yahtzee "...a competent shooter, the only remarkable feature being the degree to which it is stuck up its own a*s..." Finally I got a chance to play some Reach at a friend's house and I really enjoyed it. Chiefly because of forge world, and firefight, which I thought the series really needed all along. I might just buy this one because it has some real long term appeal, though I still can't stand the fan base.

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