Can anyone tell me about a Ventriloquist movie.

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I like to watch a Ventriloquist movie, can anyone tell me about the name and title of the movie, when it was released, what is its story?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Dead Silence is a movie which was released in the year 2007, there was an alternate name suggested to the movie which was “The Doll and Mary Shaw”. It was directed by James Wan and was written by Leigh Whannell who was also the creator of movie Saw. The cast of the movie included Ryan Kwanten who played the role of Jamie Ashen, Judith Roberts played the role of Mary Shaw, Donnie Wahlberg played the roll of Detective Jim Lipton, Amber Valletta played the role of Ella Ashen, Bob Gunton played the role of Edward Ashen, Michael Fairman played the role of Henry Walker, Steven Taylor played the role of Michael Ashen.
    Jamie Ashen played the role of Ryan Kwanten and his wife Lisa played the role of Laura Regan, his wife received a mysterious ventriloquist doll in the mail. The couple wondered about who send the doll. Lisa then remembers a poem when she was younger and it was about a women named Mary Shaw. Jamie went out of the house for sometime and when he returns back he founds out that Lisa is dead lying on the floor. Jim Lipton suspects about Jamie murder, but finds out that there is no evidence. Jimmy then returns back to his home and then finds out that Billy belonged to Mary Shaw, who was a ventriloquist from his hometown.

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