You are replacing a blower motor resistor in a 1994 bmw 325i how do you begin to replace?

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There is a problem in blower motor resistor in a 1994 BMW 325i. I need to replace it. How can I do it. Please help me!

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  1. James Augustus

    First you should find the blower motor and see close to the motor for a 2-by-3-inch plate placed with small screws. Electrical connector will be plugged into it consisting five or six wires which depends on the type of the vehicle and type of heating and air conditioning control panel.
    It is always good to test the resistor and any electronic unit before replacing. It will save your time and money in repairing the right part the first time.
    Now monitor the speeds by turning the fan control to all positions to identify the issue there. The blower motor resistor is very likely bad if the fan works only on one speed.
    Check the fuses if the fan speeds do not work. The fuses can be another issue if fan speeds do not work. For the interior heating and air conditioning fan Fuses are usually placed under the hood in the fuse relay center. If find any faulty fuse then replace it.
    Now check the relay of the fuse. If it does not click, then you need to replace the relay.
    Voltage supply to the connector may be another issue. Sometimes voltage supply is not working properly. In that case you should replace it.

  2. Guest10416717
    Where is the blower limit switch located in a 2002 325i?

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