Yokohama tires for Maxima-99

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Recently Mr. Tire shop have put a new set of Yokohama tires on my Maxima-99. I have selected the tires per recommendation of the shop-provided computer. As I took the car from the shop door, I noticed that the tires look underinflated (large flat area to contact ground). The pressure I measured was 32 PSI, which corresponds to the car's recommended one. So, here is the question: what is wrong, the tire type recommended by the computer for this car or Nissan's recommended pressure?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are different tyres which are recommended by the Maxima specialists and advisors. Stillen has long been working up with Maximas and is also been upgrading them as well. To improve the car performance 17 inch alloy wheel is also recommended. Bridgestone Torenza is one of the recommended tyres for Maximas. As there is a conflict with your tyre pressure so due to this reason you first get it checked from different mechanics, like you get the tyre pressure checked it from alternative mechanic and then follow the tyre pressure which is written on the vehicle specifications but even if this is not working, then what you can do is, you can adjust the pressure according to the size of the tyre. For example the ideal pressure for the tyre of size 185/65R15 is round about 32, similarly for different type of sizes it is different.
    Sometimes there are tyre pressure mentioned on the tyre as well and you can follow these as well for the optimum performance of the tyre.

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