Best way of Pruning Overgrown Yew evergreens

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There are three upright yews on the west side of the house. One started dying immediately. Two are starting to turn brown and I have no idea how to help them? Other evergreens are showing brown branches and I do not see any bugs. One is browning from the bottom up and the others are browning in a random pattern. What spray or dust would you suggest? Should I fertilize? It has been very hot and humid in Nebraska could wind and heat be a factor?

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  1. Angelina

     Surprisingly, Yews aren't actually influenced as much by the critical freezing as they are by the snow. When the winter sun reflects off the snowfall up on a yew, the dark green foliage rapidly soaks up the heat. Then the sun proceeds behind the clouds or groups and the moderately hot foliage is abruptly iced again. On yews, this outcomes in critical browning of needles and even death of some of the twigs. The best choice is to augment exact winter-burn resistant varieties. After decades of increasing and cultivating yews we suggest two dependable varieties: Taunton dispersing yew and Japanese upright yew. And even though they are the most resistant to winter set alight, bypass cultivating them where they will obtain direct after noon winter sun. When they are sown in that position, you can shadow them to minimize impairment by either covering them roughly with open-weave burlap or assembling a shadow barricade with burlap.

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