Movie plot related to Englands King Henry VIII

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I am sending you a lot these days!

I remember seeing another movie when I was younger.

I remember a King who gets sick of his wives and gets rid of them, I think by beheading them. He has a daughter by one of them and eventually the King marries a woman and the daughter bonds with the stepmother. Eventually the King dies and his son (around the age of 8) becomes King. The daughter falls in love with the head army officer. At some point the young kings advisers convince him that the head army officer has betrayed him somehow and they have him put to death before the prices can get to her brother in time to tell him it is a scam. At the end of the movie her brother dies and she becomes queen.

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  1. John

    Hi again Alisha

    First, as for your previous question, about the boy who paints, and the father who is also a painter, although the plot sounds familiar, I am afraid I cannot help you out with the title.

    Regarding this last question, I do not know what film that would be either. The reason is that the story you have described is most certainly the story of Englands King Henry VIII (King Henry the Eighth). He killed, or got rid of his six wives, and although he wants his throne to go to his son when he dies, his only son dies when a child, and his daughter Elizabeth I, becomes the famous queen.

    Dozens of films have been made about the lives of both Henry, And Elizabeth, and they all tell the same story of course, although with different twists to the plot. So, I could not tell you which of the movies the one you remember is. (It could possibly be the classic film, \"The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex\", starring Bette Davis as Elizabeth, and Errol Flynn as the officer she loves.)

    Maybe you could go to Google and check on movies about Henry VIII or Elizabeth I.

    Hope this helps a little.

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