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We will be staying in West Yellowstone for 1 week, the last week of June. I have been there many times myself, but this time I am traveling with my 80-year old mother-in-law and my disabled husband (arthritis). Neither one can walk much. Level walking in the grocery store is tough for them. I know we can drive the south loop one day, stopping for a picnic lunch and seeing the views. Another day we will drive the north loop. Are there any special sights, views, waterfalls, geysers, etc. that are VERY SHORT WALKS, but worth it? Of course, we will visit OF. I remember a geyser trail on boardwalk that is near the Firehole River. Will this be too long of a walk for them? Stairs (more than about 15) and uneven trails are not do-able by these two. Any recommendations?

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  1. Mitchel

     Alot of fascilities are provided to the disabled in the yellowstone park, a blind and disabled person can obtain a golden access passport. Through his pass the disabled person can visit all recreational places free of cost. Golden pass holder is given discounts, on boat launching and camping.  If any person wants to visit the upper geyser basin wheel chairs are available for use in that area. These wheel chairs have been provided by the  yellowstone park foundation.

  2. Guest19638770
    We will be staying in West Yellowstone next year (2010). Where will I be able to rent a wheelchair in or around yellowstone? Please help we really want to see yellowstone Nat'l park.

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