X7G Naga V1 - monitor not working right!

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Don't know if my monitor is about to bite the dust or not. I turn it on and the monitor lights up but immediately goes dead. I turn it on again - it goes dead again. I do this about 4 times and it finally stays on. If I leave the computer - and come back about one hour later - it does the same thing all over again. Can you help

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  1. Guest22781830


    I had the same problem. I changed both mentioned Caps and now the screen is working fine.

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, recently came accross one of these monitors (Planar PE191M) with the identical issue. The resolution was to replace the two 470ufd 25V capacitors that are located on the main power board. The main power board also contains the audio circuit and more importantly the inverter circuit that drives the CCFL backlighting. The suspect caps were identified using an ESR meter; if you happen to have one of these meters you can confirm this is the issue with your unit(s), alternatively you can just replace the two capacitors and see if it resolves your issue. Hope this info helps someone out there

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