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I've owned a Wurlitzer piano for many years, serial number 649432 made in DeKalb Illinois. I have someone interested in purchasing it, but I have no idea what the value range is. I believe it was purchased new somewhere between 1958 and 1960. It is in good condition and I've had it tuned several years ago. I hesitate to get a formal appraisal because I've heard that they can cost anywhere from $150-$400. Anyone have any ballpark ideas as to value ranges??

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  1. Guest28436388

     What is the value of a Wurlitzer piano Model 2740 Serial 1851606?

  2. Guest28432244


     Recently purchased a vintage Wurlitzer spinet piano, serial #571599.  I did some research, and as near as I can discover, it was manufactured in 1954 (please correct me if I'm wrong).  I know that most people consider spinets the least desireable.  Is this an across-the-board fact?  From what I can tell, they're harder to keep tuned?  Does it have any monetary value?  I'm not really looking to sell it, I just want as much info about it as possible.  Thanks.


  3. Guest28155571

     Just look at how many are here!  

    $50.00 and they have to get it out.

    Does this answer all your questions!





  4. Guest28122600

    I have wurlitzer piano serial # 2825859. What would the resale value be?

  5. Guest28053088

     I have a Wurlitzer piano model number 1230, serial number 1134458, what is it worth?


  6. Guest27869002

    We've inherited a Wurlitzer upright spinet model 2116 serial 1233338 (Dekalb, Ill).   What is it worth?

  7. Guest27811688

    Looking to sell my Wurlitzer upright  panio serial # 636837, any idea the year it was made and it's worth?

  8. Guest27391017

    I have a Wurlitzer pinet console serial #541488 in excellent condition. no scratches, purchased in late 1980's. Has all 88 keys. Keys are in excellent condition.

  9. Guest27083011

     I have a Wurlitzer in excellent condition.  Ser# 2058009  Mod# 2461 WAL  What is it's resale value?

  10. Guest24987525

    I have a Wurlitver upright piano serial # 49129 and would like to know what the value is and what year it was manufactured.


  11. Guest24888932

    I have a wurlitzer upright piano model #560588 and would like to sell but I need to know how much it value for?

  12. Guest23889790

    I have a Wurlitzer made in DeKalb, ILL the serial number on it is 328293. Interested in selling it, but have no idea what it owuld be worth? Any Help Please!

  13. Guest23616782

    I have a Wurlitzer Upright piano....made in 1964  serial number 885279.  I don't know what the worth is. And am aslo looking to sell it.  Noone is using it and I hate having a really nice item that is not being cared for or used.

    My email is

    I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  14. Guest23299058

    I own a Wurlitzer serial # 1902432  Model P137  Does anyone know it's value?  about 20 years old.

  15. Guest22546138

    <p>i found a piano wurlitzer serial number is 472624&nbsp; and i dont know what year is it&nbsp; all i want to know is the value???</p>

  16. Guest22546138

    i found a piano wurlitzer serial number is 472624  and i dont know what year is it  all i want to know is the value???

  17. Guest22400960

    I have a Wurlitzer spinet Serial number 979111 made in DeKalb Illinois.  Trying to get some estimates as to resale value.

  18. Guest21677249

    i have a wurlitzer kingston baby grand piano from the 1930's, what is it worth?

  19. Guest20362423
    Red Wurlitzer 200 Serial # 08463, all original, looks and plays beautifully, in pristine condition w/ original k***s and pedals. Also have Princeton Reverb '56 in mint condition. What's all this worth?
  20. Guest14666421
    This site should be helpful
  21. Guest14430958
    my wife just got wurlitzer upright and it is about 43 inches tall Sr.# 704598 and we are wanting to know about how much it is worth. the finish on it is very rough.
  22. Guest11430452
    I have a Wurlitzer Spinet Piano made in Dekalb, Illinois with serial number 682953 and have tuned it every year. I have someone interested in buying it and don't know what the fair market value would be for this piano. Could someone help me out?
  23. Guest11173202
  24. Guest10605046
    I own a Wurlitzer serial #379637 which I believe was made in 1949. Does anyone know what the value would be on this? I has one burn mark on it and needs to be tuned but otherwise it is in great condition. I also have the bench.
  25. Guest9431235
    I'm looking at buying a Wurlitzer upright piano for my son. Serial number 1095311. Does anybody know what this piano may be worth. and what year it was made?
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