Would you wear nylon overalls for your husband?

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If your husband bought you some nylon overalls to wear because he likes them, would you wear them?

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  1. Guest28132006

    My Husband loves me to wear nylon overalls I own a dog kennels and get quite dirty at times they are easy to wash and easy care as well I wear them all the time always put a clean one on at night. I have several and my husband caught him in one the other day he was lost for words but I told him to keep wearing them now he does as well. He told me that he had for a long time but couldnt say about it.

  2. Guest28113348

    I do wear nylon overalls for my husband with a tabbard as well use the overall for shopping to

  3. Guest22751259

    wow please let me know where to come for my next haircut.its a long time since i last saw a hair dresser wearing a overall,i would love to see them come back in fashion.let me know please

  4. Guest22725981

    my wife wears different nylon overalls when she cuts my hair,weve recently opened a hair salon,so im trying to get the two girls that work for us to wear them.ive asked my wife to wear one when shes cutting other gents hair,so i can watch her when she is close to the gent rubbing her nylon against his nylon gown.

  5. Guest22305662

    yes i do all the time.alot off men like overalls who are around 40ish as they were bought up with husband said he would pay double to have his hair cut by the hair dresser in the above answer,i wreckon hed pay more.why not tell him where to go to and see what him and quite a few others would pay.ha ha

  6. Guest20551758
    As a ladies hairdresser I wear nylon overalls all the time. When perming they are essential.I wear the zip type ,either back or front zip over jeans or denim skirt.I usually shorten them as too long looks old fashioned.The pockets are handy for clips ,scissors etc My husband has a particular favourite which I wear when cutting his hair.It is navy blue trimmed with navy dots on the white collar and pockets. It is quite old and is a tight fit. Once a month on my afternoon off I also cut the boys hair at a local boarding school.Giving 20 or 30 short back and sides calls for a good overall as a lot of hair tends to be flying about. I couldn't do without my nylon overalls.They are wash easily and are dried in minutes. My customers appreciate the cleanliness and often comment that an overll is a badge of office - in my shop eberyone knows who the hairdresser is. All my staff wear overalls as well as it helps health and safety and cuts down on claims for staining and bleaching accidents. When I close up at night my husband picks me up and often we dont wait until we get home.Nylon slides down very well. Like Calsberg - I dont get many complaints
  7. Guest13431122
    Yes, I would wear the overalls to do my housework if he liked them.

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