Would you want to read this book? Would it correspond to you as a reader?

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Here below is the back cover of the book :

Are they little and green? Do they have two eyes, a
nose, a pair of ears and a mouth, just like we have?
Professor Archer Shinford was about to know.
10 years ago, Archer had built a machine to
communicate with any form of extraterrestrial life. It
was a complex device which could pick up or send out
sounds to or from Space. Archer invented many
machines, but none of them really seemed to work…
until this very night.
Archer was working in his lab’ when all of a sudden
the sound machine came to life. Archer jumped. It
had been silent for 10 years and now it was beeping!
Obviously somebody had sent a message to him.
For fifteen long minutes the machine kept printing
out pages of incomprehensible symbols. After long
hours of examination, he eventually decoded the
message. It read “friday – midnight – park –
friday – midnight – park…“ He couldn’t believe
his eyes.

1) First, say whether you would like to read this book or not.
2) Then, give some information about yourself as a reader to account for your answer.

So, would you want to read this book from what you've just read? Would it correspond to you as a reader? Please explain.

You shall express your appreciation and your preferences as a reader.

Thank you very much.

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