Would Sri Lanka be favourite to win against England in the world cup 2011 quarter final?

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Having beaten England in a world cup quarter final previously and playing on the home ground, does this make Sri Lanka favourite to win the big match?

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  1. Guest23126394

    The way World Cup 2011 has played so far, it is not easy to say or figure out the favourite. The only advantage Sri Lanka would be having is playing on the home ground. England having beaten Australia in the ashes must never be under-estimated provided that they are up against a team which is amongst the favourites in the competition.

  2. ZZ

    Yes Sri Lanka is the favorite one to win th last quarter-final of the world cup 2011. The wickets in Sri Lanka and India are more helpful for the spin bowling.
    England are just only playing with one spinner in their team where are Sri Lanka has got number of world class spinners who can really shave any team.
    On the other hand England were struggling through out the world cup 2011 where as Sri Lanka are in quite good form.
    So Sri Lanka will most probably repeat the previous quarter final and comprehensively win the match.

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