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How is it that some actors who are troubled in normal life (brushes with the law, depression, family/marital instability, drugs and/or alcoholism)don’t let things like that spill into their actual acting, even become sought-after or critically acclaimed actors?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Actually, many actors who have personal problems DO let it spill into their professional life. They may come late to the set, or not show up. They may be argumentative and difficult to work with. Often, if it gets to be too big a problem, they may have trouble getting people to work with them even if they are a big star. Or they might end up costing the studios (or other producers) so much money in lost time and reshoots that they have trouble getting work. Often the studios will insist they get help before hiring them. Actually the idea of drugs and alcoholism is associated with human beings for a long period of time and now due to the awareness created by the media, we get to know more about every actor who gets addicted to drugs.

    Some stars who went through this kind of thing were Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland. Certainly other, more contemporary actors have similar problems.

    However, in many case, when it come to their acting itself these problems don't show in their work. In part this is because, in film work, problem areas can be edited out of the final cut. Sometimes, even if there are problems, the depth of emotion brought out by those personal problems may even, to some extent, make their work more intense. But also because they are actors. The roles they play are NOT themselves, and the characters they are portraying don't have those problems. When they are acting, those problems, for that moment, do not exist. It's part of the dichotomy of being an actor.

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