Am I working correctly or overstretching?

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Hi There. I want to know about stretching. Lately when i stretch my muscles hurt in my inner thigh, or upper back thigh and my teacher said that if it hurts then that means the muscle is strengthening and I'm working properly but if it feels like the muscle has shortened or cramped feeling then it means i have over stretched. And I am not quite sure which one is right in my case. I'm not sure what a shortened muscle would feel like or the difference between cramping and regular muscle uncomfortable when stretching. Is there a way you can explain the difference or how I can find out and if i have shortened my muscle how should i go about undoing the damage and stretching now? Thank you very much

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    Well, it will be hard for anyone to give you a complete advice without seeing you and it would be equally hard to comment on your routine about whether you’re working correctly or overstretching without examining your routine. Yet here are some things to think about:
    Be sure you are in correct positions, with your hips properly placed. For example, when your leg is on the barre in the devant position or in the splits your two hipbones must make an equilateral triangle to your front foot. Be sure your legs are turned out and not rolling in. Be sure you are relaxing into the stretch and not straining. You have to hold the position correctly but not be tense, even if it feels uncomfortable. If you persevere, it will get better. Try backing off the stretch a little, for instance using the lower barre or putting your foot on a chair seat to gradually condition the muscle instead of forcing it. Stretching is yielding to the position, not forcing it. Be sure you are completely warm before any stretching; you should be in a light sweat. After class is the best time. Stretch every day, but be mindful. Be sure your nutrition is good, no junk or fast food, no candy or soda. Lots of fruits and vegetables and protein at every meal. Lots and lots of water. Bad nutrition breaks your body down and causes great stress to your muscles and connecting tissue. A lot of stretching has to do with the fascia as well as muscles and ligaments. Take extra vitamin C and di-calcium phosphate to help support your body. If I could see you I could be more specific. Hope this helps a little!  

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