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My work place have told me i need to relocate to another location, still with the same firm but performing other duties. I recently went on a one day trial there and found the other employees to be very unsociable towards me and i felt very victimised. The duties they expected me to perform was not to my liking, as it was based in a cemetary and i sufffer from Coimetrophobia, which is a phobia of graveyards. I expressed my feelings about this placement and i was told i had no choice, it was to either take the new role or be dismissed.

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  1. Business Analyst

     Adjusting to a new job can be a daunting challenge, whether you took the new job by choice or out of necessity. Adjusting to a new team means you must learn its methods for accomplishing tasks ingratiate yourself socially and carve out your place as a valuable addition. Here's how to adjust to your new workplace.
    - Visualize a great day.
    - You have to believe in yourself and have self-confidence.
    - Whether it is a group meeting, a discussion, or a report preparation, get involved and learn how to deal with your new colleagues.
    - Never annoy your boss or fellow colleague by nosing around in their business or forcing yourself into a discussion or group session
    - Give yourself short breaks once in a while and relax and relieve yourself from tension and stress build-up.
    - Practice good communication skills
    - Always update yourself with recent developments and issues in the workplace

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