Wordpress as Cms

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How good is Wordpress as CMS? Can it work as CMS by default or I'll need some plugins?

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  2. samward000

    It's quite difficult to choose the best from these three Drupal,Joomla or Wordpress because all these CMS have their unique feature to design a web site. Among all these CMS Wordpress is easier to use. One without knowledge of HTML can easily make a website using Wordpress.

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  3. anderson 9

    Wordpress is the best open source CMS and user friendly enabling easy creation of a website.I was looking for quality Wordpress themes to build my website with regard to my travel service.After a long search I came across which gifted me the best website with more features than a custom website like unlimited hosting,Free life time domain along with attractive wordpress themes for only just 4$.Unlimited pages,Unlimited Emails,Unlimited Database are the main highlights of only


  4. Danial

    I personally like Wordpress as a best CMS. In fact I love it for its multi use. As a CMS wordpress is a complete CMS platform. You can modify it into just anything you want, as there are thousands of free plugins available for wordpress and in case if your required plugin in not there, it doesn’t take much time to get written. If you are a php programmer, it should be the matter of minutes for you to write a simple wordpress plugin else you can always get it done by some freelancer.
    The best thing I like about Wordpress is its customization. You can customize wordpress even if you have very small knowledge, and if you have exceptional knowledge, you can make something great with it. On the other hand, its customization is not that expensive, whether you hire a wordpress coder from freelance site, like elance, guru, odesk etc or some webmaster forums marketplaces like digitalpoint, sitepoint and websmaster world etc, you will find a good programmer at an affordable price instantly.
    If you’re to develop a new website and want to use wordpress as CMS, go for it without any delay!

  5. SEO Expert

    Wordpress can be a best CMS, and can be customized as per your requirements. The best thing about wordpress is that there's a plenty of plugins available and most of customization can be done with these.

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