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What is best wordpress permalink structure. I'm specifically asking with reference to SEO. I have a blog with default URLs style and I read on forums that this is not good from SEO point. Please help!

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  1. Danial

    URLs are one of the most important factors responsible for the better ranking of a website. Wordpress gives you the independence to have a variety of URL styles depending upon your needs and search engine requirements and you are not required to know programming for it, instead in single click you can do so. Below are the best wordpress permalink options and their usage:

    1. it is suitable option if you want to use category as main keyword and posts as long tailed combinations. For instance, Category is “Diabetes” and posts are Most Common Home Remedies, Treatments, Causes etc…..
    2. Use is you have time based content, for example, top ranking universities in specific year, best actors of a specific year etc…
    3. Use if you have a news based site because news search engines like news to be found in root .

    For the first two options discussed above, you can update permalinks structure directly from wordpress admin, but the last one is not available in the list there. If you want to use the last one, you need to select “Custom” option in the list and enter /%postname%/ there and save the link structure. You will need to update .htaccess if your directories are write protected!

  2. SEO Expert

    It can be or if it's a news site.

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