Putting up a freestanding Woodstove in the Basement.

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My name is Todd and I have an old house with a brick chimney in the center. I would like to put a freestanding wood stove in the basement and run a stainless steel liner up the flue. Is there any general rule about clearance for lumber of the building such as floor joists or rafters/trusses butting up against the brick of the chimney?

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  1. Mitchel

    In a first look, the basement appears to be a perfect spot for the installation of a woodstove. Unluckily, majority of the stove owners in most of the cases are extremely disappointed when they find themselves in a painful situation of consistently feeding the basement stove without getting enough heat upstairs in the living area.
    In a situation when your basement is a part and parcel of your living area, equipped with the required insulation and finishing. This means that you can treat basement like other parts of your home. You can easily install stove in the basement, stove placement will definitely not cause you any trouble. If your basement is partially finished or not finished at all, then you will definitely face issues and problems.
    If you want to get the maximum benefit out of your woodstove, make sure that your basement walls are properly insulated. If you want to examine the heat retention tendencies in a basement wall, you will have to look in to the three portions of the wall: first is the part that is above ground, second is the part, located below ground but above the frostline, and the third and last part is located below the frostline. Naturally, you will find the part of the basement wall lying below the frost line will warmer, as compare to the portions that are exposed or in connection with the frost line. Make sure that you basement walls are properly insulated, otherwise a woodstove will do you no good.

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