9.8 Jayco 2950 FK DB Jay Series travel trailer Window Leak.

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We have a 1989 29.8' Jayco 2950 FK DB Jay Series travel trailer. The wall in the back of our trailer behind our bed is rotting out due to a leak that is coming in on the right side of our back window. How do we find out where it is coming in so we can stop it and then put a new wall in. It runs into the tray around our right solid window beside our turn out windows and when that lip gets full it has run over or it seeps down into our wall. Our storage space below our bed is ok. It just seems to be contained in the wall behind our bed. I put a rag in that window and it catches the water but we realized this too late. I found out it leaked into our wall when I was making our bed and my hand hit the wall and put a hole in it. Could sure use you help. Thanks

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