Will you help with the Halo 3 odst endure vidmaster achievement?

by Guest17807495  |  12 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I have been trying to get the endure vidmaster achievement for a while now. I've made it to the end of the 3rd set on heroic with one group of friends before their internet caused us to lose connection. Since then I've tried with noobs and failed. Please add AnnKiz14, lleny and dyslexic3girl and please only if you have completed it 2+ times. We are looking for pros not noobs. When you add me send me a message about endure. Please post your gamertag here too so i know who to add.

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  1. Guest20092894
    my gamer tag is T C Maxwell i need odst vidmaster endure please help message me on xbox live for times i am available thanks

  2. Guest18269382
    hey i am looking for people that want Endure plezzzz send me a messgem o yeah (my gamertag is Living13)
  3. Guest17851879
    look, whoever you are, those arent your gamertags. that AnnKiz14 is mine and my bros. that lleny is his friend and dyslexic3girl is our cousin. and yes we are trying to get endure, we just arent trying to right now. so yeah, I just dont want to get endure with strangers.

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