Will the Kiwis make it to the world cup 2011 final this time ?

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Having reached World Cup semi finals thrice previously and losing, will New Zealand go on to reach the World Cup 2011 final this time?

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  1. Harry

    Now it will be a game of nerves for the Kiwis how they handle the World Cup 2011 semi final. They would certainly be one of the team besides Pakistan to lose most World Cup semi finals. If they play with the same self belief as was reflected in their quarter final against mighty South Africans, there is no reason why they cannot make it to the final this time.

  2. ZZ

     Well looking upon the performance of Kiwis in the quarter-final match against the South African team i think they are in the best of form. 

    But if we look back there is no sort of consistency in Kiwis. So it changes my mind and most likely they are to face Sri Lanka in the semi-final match who are in outstanding form.
    It would be not an easy task for Kiwis to win the semi-final of world cup 2011.
    But if Sri Lanka is beaten by England then the scenario will be some thing different. Then there are more chances with the Kiwis. 
    So it all depends upon the last quarter-final between England and Sri Lanka. 

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