Will International Cricket resume in Pakistan by winning ICC World Cup 2011?

by Guest23125321  |  9 years ago

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Is there a chance for the International Cricket to rejuvenate in Pakistan if they go on to win the ICC Cricket World Cup ?

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  1. ZZ

     Yes most certainly international cricket will resume in Pakistan and to add up Sri-Lanka cricket team announced that they are going to visit Pakistan after the world cup. 

    Sri-Lanka team was been attacked in Lahore by a group of militants after which international cricket was banned in Pakistan. 
    This initiative from the Sri-Lanka cricket board will open new doors for the cricket in Pakistan.

  2. Harry

    If Pakistan goes on to win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, this will not just something for the Pakistani nation to be happy, but it will go a long way towards development and promotion of cricket in Pakistan. With some poor performances in the previous two world cups if Pakistan moves on to lift the World Cup 2011 Trophy, this will certainly be rejuvenation of Cricket in Pakistan. As fat as remsuming international Cricket is concerned, Pakistani Government has to first ensure the security in the country.

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