Why won't the low oil alarm go off after I added oil to my Mercury outboard 90 hp?

by Guest362  |  9 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Why will not the low oil alarm go off after I added oil to my Mercury outboard 90 hp? Please help me.Thanks!

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  1. James Augustus

    There is possibility that the alarm module itself has been defective or there might be defect in its wiring. So First you need to check all the wiring and cable which are connected with the sensors and other parts. This might be very helpful in solving the problem.
    The problem of faulty alarm module is commonly found among the Mercury motors. There are many complaints by the users of Mercury motors. I also came through same kind of problem few days ago.
    You can fix the problem by replacing wire to the horn for solving this particular problem or by replacing the sensor that measure the oil level in the motors. There might be problem in it sensor as well. You can identify the main cause of problem by disconnecting the various sensors which are installed there and by monitoring the sound of alert beeps.
    The magnet on the oil tank float might be loose or it may drop to the bottom of the post. The alarm must be on constant but the reed switch located on the bottom of the tank was not working correctly and unable to make contact.
    If you cannot solve it yourself then you should consult it with your mechanic. He might help you to overcome your Mercury Outboard problem.

  2. Guest5388539
    I have the same exact problem. The level got low enough to set the alarm off, I filled it immediately, everything seems to run fine but the alarm keeps sounding. It even sounds with the key on and the engine not running. Can anyone help??

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