Why won't my car stay running?

by herlin  |  7 years, 6 month(s) ago

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3 weeks ago I was driving and my car just, shut off. I tried starting it again, wouldnt turn over. Tried again, it started but stalled. Tried again, started and stayed running.
I took it to my garage and they could not figure out what it was. Hooked it up to a diag, nothing showed up.
I drove it home, did not stall once. Drove it the next day, stalled 5 times in an hour.
When it stalls all the lights on my dash blink. The electrical all works when it stalls.
I am so puzzled and frustrated.

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  1. antishit

     Fuel injectors may be dirty.. or plugged. The car just sitting there may have caused the gas to go bad which may have given them a head start on plugging from the get go. Get some cleaner for it.
    When the dash lights blink, is it unlike anything you've seen it do before?
    check the detail :


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