Why the crime rate in Philippine is increasing day by day

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As Philippines is a stable and counted 32nd country in economy race, so why the crime rate is increasing in Philippines day by day.

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  1. Judi

    This earth is very big and vast. Population is increasing day by day. Because of increasing in populations, the desire and needs of human beings are also increasing. Because of limited resources, peoples are unable to fulfill their desires. Philippines is a one the famous country in world. Philippines is a stable and counted 32nd country in economy race and 12th in population. Crimes in Philippines are increasing day by day. Human beings are selfish and they always need the equivalent thing. This type of human behavior leads towards crime. Because of increasing in needs and desires of peoples and unlimited resources, they will be coerced towards the bad line like crime. Several factors occurs in crime increasing in Philippines like unemployment, Illiteracy, poverty, economic factor, family structure, and social environment
    Another reason of increasing of crimes in Philippines is unemployment. When people don’t get the better job and remains jobless then they will coerced towards crime. They fulfill their desire by means way, in which they loss their life. Another primary complication is illiteracy. When civilians are uneducated they shall be unable towards encounter out difference between inaccurate and right. So, within this field too government should endeavor towards solve the complication of illiteracy via granting scholarship opportunities towards destitute and financially backward people. In order towards solve such complication government should focus onto granting vocation opportunities towards those whom are unemployed.


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