Why the Sitemap is Important for Search engine optimization?

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As there are reasons behind and we all know the importance of meta tags, I want to know what is the reason behind the importance of Sitemaps.

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    A site map is a separate HTML page that acts as a directory of the pages on your website. Each page listed in the site map is hyperlinked. Having a good sitemap on your website is a very good idea for two reasons: 1. It’s good for visitors who are lost, if they can find the site easily they can quickly navigate around the website 2. The search engines will naturally index your sitemap, so its a great place to put all you important internal links so that they get picked up and indexed appropriately. I am sharing free seo tips to create a site map for best SEO ranking • Use keywords that are relevant • Use them in and around the link • Create a short relevant paragraph describing the page beside the link • Keywords embedded in the paragraph text to enhance relevancy for the search engines and visitors alike • Make the link to your site map obvious and place it on every page in your site. • Call it a sitemap, everyone understands that.

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