Why should we care about Endangered Species?

by Guest2403050  |  11 years, 6 month(s) ago

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Maybe their is a reason they are extinct. Maybe their is a purpose that they have disapeared. I mean can you imagine if what would happen if lets say grey wolves came back to their native and somewhat non native lands. They could overpopulate or harm us. What is going to happen when we are finally extinct. like the animals are gonna care. Their won't be like this brilliant scientist in the last days that will save us. Their is a good reason they are no longer here on the earth. Isn't there?

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  2. Guest28120734

    This wasnt very usefull i found it very hard to read as they were too much writing


  3. Guest20866466
    ==What happens if one of these animals that you let die out turned out to cure disease and had the potential to save millions== Then there are plenty more humans alive to help kill off more animals
  4. Guest16580090
    I just cant even contemplate how idiotic these three posts are. Extinction is a natural occurrence that has happened since the dawn of time. No the dinosaurs didn't die to make way for us, in fact no one really knows what killed them. The fact remains that the rate at which animals are going extinct is incredibly higher then the rate at any point of history. We are the cause of these animals disappearing from the face of the earth. We are taking away their homes and their food. For the above two posters you seem to only care about how it affects you personally. What happens if one of these animals that you let die out turned out to cure disease and had the potential to save millions. What gives you the right to see these animals but not your children? What gives you the right to exist, and them to not?
  5. Guest15855868
    They aren't just dumb animals or weeds, just like you said, they are hear for a reason. how would you like it if you got in some weird axident and the doctors said,"Well, it must have happend for a reason," and left you for dead. it's the same thing.
  6. Guest2403050
    i agree completely with you. i mean their is a reason the word "extinction" exists. the dinosaurs are extinct because it was making way for us. imagine if they were still on the earth they would be endangered and we would fear them greatly. we might even still be in caves if they existed.

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