Why not only allow members in appulous

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Why not only allow members in appulous? Could do the trick for traffic but this is what they say on their site:

The Troll Bridge is the simplest webcode there is. Almost NOTHING needs to happen on the server side. It checks if your submission is equal to the answer, it sets a cookie if it is. At no point does it touch the database server, the cache server, the PHP compiler, or any text files. The whole thing is served from and is entirely contained by a miniscule block of RAM. That page can handle millions and millions and millions of simultaneous users.

If I were to force a log-in to get into the site, NONE of that would be true. Everyone would be trying to log in (including those who don't have accounts, since the first person to guess Kyek's password would be king) and suddenly there would be absolutely no benefit to the restriction at all. The server would be pounded just as much. Not to mention the FLOOD of requests I'd be buried in, whining "please please please just let ME make an account! You don't have to open it to everyone else!"

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