Why never any mention of Jeff Foxworthy's first wife Nancy?

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I am a huge fan of Jeff Foxworthy, I just want to ask why never any mention of Jeff Foxworthy's first wife Nancy? Please help.

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  1. Angelina

     Jeff was wed to a young female entitled Nancy in and round 1980-1983 and lived at Bird Bay Village in Venice, FL. During this time Jeff worked for IBM. Nancy worked in the agency of Beall's Department shop there. Nancy was a attractive young female with short dark hair. Don't understand what occurred to that relationship. It's true; you not ever glimpse that wedding ceremony in his bio.
    Nancy inhabits the Atlanta locality, not far from where Jeff and his family live. She remarried an ex-Swinging Medalion band member. She is a very attractive young female, not less than on the outside.
    Nancy Collins separated Jeff and then wed Gary Perkins. She is now wed to Terry Jennings and dwelling in Cumming Georgia, employed for Eagle Sales and Marketing.
    Jeff Foxworthy has been amusing (or, on the other hand, antagonising the c**p out of) assemblies for the better part of two decades with his “redneck” precede producing joy of his Southern upbringing. Even if you someway bypassed his short-lived television display in the 90′s or those comical presentation trip bargains that assisted launch Larry the Cable Guy into superstardom (yes, it’s his fault), you understand his “You Might be a Redneck” proceed or his stint hosting Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? For Fox. Weirdly sufficient, regardless of his numerous appearances on the small-screen, his only video work has comprised of a twosome of voice functions, one that set down in theaters (2005′s Racing Stripes) and one that went straight-to-video (2006′s The Fox and the Hound 2). In essence, Foxworthy is one of the couple of comedians to not care about beginning a high-profile video vocation, and as much as I despise to state it, I esteem him for that.

  2. Guest4159976
    I knew her in high school and she wasn't very nice.

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