Why metal heats faster than plastic?

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What is the relation between the heating of metal as compared to the heating of plastic, I want to know what is the reason behind the heating of metal being rapid as compared to the heating of plastic.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Here first we have to understand the concept of heating. Heat is basically an energy and it results in the movement of electron. For example, if we heat any device, the movement of electron becomes rapid due to the energy provided to it. Now the movement of electrons is subject to the energy they receive from any device. For example, If they receive more energy then the movement becomes rapid and due to fast movement of electron, the object gets heated fast. This rule also applies for the devices like there are some devices in which the movement of electron is rapid or their specific nature of electron they get heated easily.
    Same is the case with Metal and wood. When we heat a metal, the result is the faster movement of electron in that object that is metal gets hot easily. It is a conductor which means that energy can travel very fast through this type of device. On the other hand plastic or wood is a very poor conductor and due to that nature it takes a lot of time to make a wood or plastic hot, as there movement of electron is very slow. But there is also a good use of these non conductors in cases where we sometimes have to stop the travelling of heat from one object to the other.


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