Why is vodka considered as a tasteless liquor?

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Why do people say vodka is odorless and tasteless, the definition of odorless is to have no odor, and as for tasteless, to have no taste such as water, now if anyone drinks or smells vodka they can w/ absolutely no difficulty tell the difference between it and water, are there any truly tasteless liquors or maybe some that don't taste repulsive?

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  1. Mitchel

    The reason why wodka is tasteless, is that its  a neutral spirit and is made out of  grains. During the process of distillation, vodka undergoes a very rigorus filteration process which fully purifies the taste, so vodka becomes  truley tasteles. Vodka literally means "water" in Russian. Vodka also ha sthe distinction of being extremely mixer friendly. You can even steep fruits in it to flavor the liquer.

  2. Guest22758407

    American vodka laws - it's tasteless.

    The rest of the world - it can have character flavors and aroma (and we're not talking "infused" nonesense but actual flavor that survives the process). So, don't get thrown by our American take on vodka. Colorless and tasteless are American legal requirements that aren't the case with other Countries. If you ever have the chance to visit Poland or Russia (the ever-battleing duos of vodka-originators) you'll experience fantastic taste characteristics that transcend the distillation process and do not, by law, need to be filtered out.

    Tasteless means no distinct, identifiable flavor characteristic. It does not impart nor contribute a measureable flavor when mixed, either. Alcohol burn, nothwithstanding (which you can definitely experience as opposed to water... but it's not a "flavor" per se'), there are mouth-feel qualities (eg. smoothness). These can matter a great deal to vodka enthusiasts and price is not always an indicator of quality. The amount of times it's distilled can, but not all distillation nor filtration techniques are equal... so those can vary as well.

  3. Guest5853
    the reason its considered tasteless and odorless is because of its high filtration when being made. High end vodkas are much truer to this than low end vodkas which you can definately taste (and give you a nasty hangover)
  4. Guest5336
    vodka and gin are considered tasteless once something like soda lemonade or gingerbeer or gingerale are added

  5. Guest1077
    When they say orderless they mean you can not smell it on you after you drink it!*
  6. Guest7241
    Vodka is a neutral spirit made from grains. During distillateon process, vodka goes through a very rigorus filteration process which purifies the taste, so vodka is truley tasteles. Vodka literally means "water" in Russian. Vodka also ha sthe distinction of being extremely mixer friendly. You can even steep fruits in it to flavor the liquer.
  7. Guest2618
    you probably have only had expirience with low-quality vodka... which is very distinct, and still has flavor, real high-quality vodka has very little tase. but when added to another thing, it is tasteless.
  8. Guest7175
    any liquor strait takes an aquaired pallet. that is why most ppl (including me) mix it. and if you mix a good vodka into something like a bloody mary or a flavored martini you can't even taste it or smell it on your breath or anything, well unless you mix it too strong. it's usually 1.5 oz to about 3 oz of whatever you're mixing it into.
  9. Guest7091
    True Blue MOONSHINE!*

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