Why is everybody is judging for wanting to give our children for adoption?

by Guest27492739  |  7 years, 5 month(s) ago

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I am 28 years old mother of 2,a three months old boy and 4 years old girl. I am married. We have 2 children and have been struggling since day one. So parenting is just such a hard option and would make our current children lives hopeless, so we feel that finding a deserving family who would love these children and ensure their future is the best thing for us to do.
If you are interested in adopting , please leave us an email and also , we shall send you our facebook address so that we can chat.Leave us an email via
laurikuv at yahoo dot com
Your facebook profile will also be of great help

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  1. Guest28105882

    If you are still looking for a home for your children. please let me know we would love to talk to you about taking them . I hope to hear from you soon  

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